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Did you know?

Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides Guide dogs to blind and visually impaired individuals at no cost to them.  Currently the estimated cost to breed, raise, train and place one guide dog's $45,000. 

That is why the Jacksonville Beach Lions Club it Is very proud to support guiding eyes through our annual fund raising event 'BARKTOBER FEST

Rule #1 - Do Not Pet Me!

Okay so I'm adorable, now that we got that out-of-the-way let's talk about guide dog etiquette. For obvious safety reasons you never distract a
guide dog when he is working. Whistling, petting, calling or any other distraction is a severe safety issue, especially on busy Street's and in crowded areas. Oh yeah, and don’t feed  us, that is a big no no. My job is to keep my person safe and frankly, I don't need any help from you.(No brag, just fact)

Being a guide dog is a member of an elite club. When  you're good enough to reach this level you have skills beyond the average pop.  No disrespect to our fellow canine companions whether they be of service  variety, or just good old pets and best friends. After all when we take the  harness off , we can be just another lovable hound dog too!

Jacksonville Beach Lions Special Name Dogs
Click each dog's photo for more information on that dog.

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